Here it is – all 366 days of cartwheels! Believe me when I tell you that I edited it down as much as possible, and it’s still 15 minutes long…so pull up a chair, sip on a hot beverage and cartwheel through the year with me. I encourage you to listen with the music on – if you got burned out on the theme song, it only makes a 20 second appearance this time.

For anyone who might’ve joined the project later in the year, it should be noted that I injured my leg early in the project (yep, from cartwheeling) and so on those days when I had to rest my leg, various objects cartwheeled for me via stop-motion video. A few friendly folks (and my Grandma!) also filled in. Thanks for watching!

A few stumbles and falls for your enjoyment. All 366 cartwheels in one video coming in a few days!

(The song “Amazing Plan” © 2010 Kevin MacLeod used by permission via

 I know this final cartwheel might be anticlimactic, but I wanted to end it where I began it. Soon I’ll be posting a video of all 366 cartwheels edited together (and some bloopers!), so stay tuned! 

Happy New Year!! Thank you so much for being a part of this.

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