This Kachina doll (made of old oil drums and pipes) at the Route 66 Museum in Elk City, OK stood in front of the popular Queenan’s Trading Post during the Route’s heyday. The museum is curated by Wanda Queenan who ran Queenan’s with her husband – they worked with the local Native Americans to honor and sell their leather goods and jewelry.

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  1. Roumel

    Clever, having the car behind the doll–gives us size perspective.
    Where are you spending Thanksgiving?

    • The car pulled up while I was setting up, so I was a little annoyed it got in the shot, but you’re right – it gives a much better idea of how tall the doll is! I’ll be in Houston with Jonathan’s family…Mom & Dad will be there too. How about you?

      • Roumel

        My roommate/renter, JoAnna, manages the best restaurant in DeLand, Cook’s Cafe and Buffet,and I’ll either go there to eat (she works from 3:30 to 10) or we’ll get a take out lunch and eat at home, enjoy some of the good TV shows, which are always better around the holidays. I love this time of year. Say Hi to the family!

      • Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Aunt Roumel! I’m with Mom and Dad and Jonathan’s in Houston. Today is his son’s 9th birthday!

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