Hello there – I’m Judah Morford.  I did a cartwheel everyday of 2012 and posted the videos here. The reason why (if there is one) is: I can still remember the Sunday afternoon in 1986 when I first learned how to do a cartwheel – it changed my world. I’ve never wanted to allow myself to forget how (or to get too stiff!), so I’ve never stopped doing them. For my 2012 New Year’s Resolution, I decided to do a cartwheel every day and to document it. This seemed like a resolution I could actually keep – and I did! 366 days of cartwheels occurred, and it was a blast. You can see the compilation on the home page.

Thanks for stopping by.

6 responses to “About

  1. Would you consider cartwheeling to El Paso?

  2. Anonymous

    I was in Marfa yesterday, in a Kansas-style road trip that included Balmorhea and Fort Davis…You should cartwheel Prada Marfa.

  3. I love this! I am currently working on my life’s goal of cartwheeling on all seven continents – four down, three to go (although I was a little ‘special olympics’ for Antarctica). Keep wheeling..

    • That’s so cool! I managed to do cartwheels on 3 continents…it was my yearlong project in 2012. It’s something I still think about daily! Best of luck to you. 🙂

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